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Why Systems Matter More Than Goals!

This is one of the biggest lessons I learned this year!

From setting “Goals” to building “Systems and processes.”

Why Should We Not Set Goals?

Well, nothing is wrong with setting goals. But a goal is a milestone we want to reach on a certain date. When we set a goal for anything, either one of two things happens:

Our brains feel that reaching goals is difficult. Here, we give ourselves all the excuses not to reach that goal. These excuses include procrastination, delaying the needed actions to reach the goal, comparing ourselves to others, and so on.

The other thing is focusing on achieving the goal successfully, and actually, we do achieve it. We celebrate achieving it, and then what? Set another goal? Or feel satisfied and relieved and we just relax!

Building Systems & Processes

The other way to achieve what we want is to turn it into a “habit”… So:

🎯Goal: read X books per month

📈Habit: Become a reader (with a dedicated daily reading slot)

🎯Goal: Losing Y KGs of weight by end of Jan

📈Habit: Become a runner/athlete

🎯Goal: Increasing the revenues of my business to Z by Q1 2024

📈Habit: Become a customer-focused business leader

As you can see here, A goal is the final destination, while a system turning into a habit is a whole journey.

Lastly and most importantly, when you do anything consistently as a habit, its compounding effect becomes massive! You reach far beyond any “goal” that you might have set.

Tools To Help You Make This Transition From Goals to Habits:

Here are the best three books that you should start 2024 with:

The Power of Habit

👉🏼 Key Concept: The Habit Loop: This book introduces the idea of the “Habit Loop,” a three-step process that includes a cue (trigger for the habit), a routine (the habit itself), and a reward (what the brain gets out of the habit).

👉🏼 Small Changes Lead to Significant Impacts: Duhigg emphasizes that small, almost imperceptible changes in our daily routines can lead to significant, transformative changes over time.

👉🏼 Changing Habits: The book offers practical strategies for identifying and changing bad habits. It stresses the importance of understanding the components of the habit loop to change a habit effectively.

The Compound Effect

👉🏼 Power of Small, Consistent Actions: Hardy focuses on how small, seemingly insignificant actions, when compounded over time, can lead to enormous and profound changes.

👉🏼 Consistency is Key: The book underscores the importance of consistency – doing simple, positive actions repeatedly to achieve success.

👉🏼 Taking Responsibility: The author encourages readers to take full responsibility for their lives, emphasizing that choices, behaviors, and habits shape our destiny.

Atomic Habits

👉🏼 Focus on Systems, Not Goals: Clear argues that focusing on systems (the process or habits leading to achieving a goal) is more effective than focusing on goals.

👉🏼 Small Habits, Big Difference: The book highlights how making tiny changes in habits can lead to remarkable results due to the compounding effects of these habits over time.

👉🏼 Identity-Based Habits: Clear introduces the concept of identity-based habits, suggesting that building habits that resonate with your identity (who you wish to become) is more effective than focusing on outcomes alone.

Ready to shift from goal-setting to habit-forming? Begin your transformation today by identifying one small habit you can change. Share your chosen habit in the comments below, and let’s support each other in this journey!

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