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Are LinkedIn collaborative articles worth it?

Are LinkedIn collaborative articles worth it?

You probably came across a collaborative article if you are active on LinkedIn and focused on building a solid personal brand.

So, what are LinkedIn collaborative articles?

It is an article that is originally created using AI, and then completed by inviting users to co-author content on a shared topic of interest or expertise.  So, collaborative articles leverage the collective intelligence and experiences of their contributors, leading to a more comprehensive and diverse discussion on the subject matter.


What are the benefits of collaborative articles for you?

When you contribute your expertise frequently to those articles, here is what you get:


1- Networking & Engagement Opportunities

Participating in a Collaborative Article opens doors to connecting with like-minded professionals and fostering relationships that can lead to future collaborations, mentorships, or even career opportunities. People would also engage with your expertise. Check the image below!

LinkedIn team has seen a 316% weekly increase in members reacting to contributions since September.

Are LinkedIn collaborative articles worth it?

2- Increased Visibility

Contributors to a Collaborative Article benefit from shared exposure. As the article circulates across LinkedIn, each author’s profile gains visibility, enhancing their professional brand and reach on the platform.

LinkedIn noted that the weekly readership of Collaborative Articles has increased by over 270% since September.

3- You might also get a good badge!

An interesting incentive also is that you might get a Community Top Voice badge in a key skill area, as a result of your Collaborative Article contributions.

This badge signifies your commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing and highlights your expertise in the featured topic area.

So, are these articles worth your time?

YES. Collaborative Articles have seen a 4x increase in weekly member contributions quarter-over-quarter, with, cumulatively, over 10 million contributions in the past year.

So, it works! People read it and will see your contributions. People will “like” your contributions, giving more exposure to your personal brand.

Accordingly, this will get you a badge that confirms your expertise.


Finally, do you want to step ahead?

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