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The Strategy You Need for Your Personal Brand

The Strategy You Need for Your Personal Brand

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Today I am sharing the “Ghost” methodology to plan for your personal brand.

But first, let’s think: Why should you build a personal brand, especially over Linkedin?

Because it is an untapped goldmine, when you have a professional solid personal brand online, you build your own loyal tribe. You establish influence in a useful way, your content becomes the source of information & education to your followers.

Accordingly, this influence can help you in your positioning, lead generation, growing your business, and so on. At the same time, building a solid personal brand is a “corporate asset” for any company or organization. Right? Think about it!

But, you need to have a plan! We always say, “If you fail to plan, its plan to fail.”


Here is How to Build a Plan for Your Personal Brand! I Call it GOAST!

What exactly are you trying to achieve through your personal branding? Again, it can position you as a subject matter expert, getting media interviews, or invitations as a speaker to events, etc. Most importantly, it can be lead generation and more sales for your products/services.

Remember: Please write them down, and try to stick to 3 relevant goals at any time.

👉🏼 Objectives

SMART Objectives is the magical tool that “frames” the goals! I mean, how would you measure your progress if your goal, as a start, is getting more engagement for your social media posts? Is it good to have five shares for every Facebook post? or seven comments on every Instagram video? and so on.

Remember: It’s crucial to have your “goals” framed into “SMART Objectives”.

👉🏼 Audience

Who is exactly your target audience? The answer to this question needs to be very precise! Always keep in mind that your profile and your content should be solving a “specific problem” for a “specific target audience”. When you design the persona of your audience, called buyer persona, the more you can create the right content on the right platform at the right time.

Remember: Talking to everyone is talking to no one! If you do not analyze your target audience, you will be wasting your time.

👉🏼 Strategy

What path will you follow to achieve those SMART objectives for that specific target audience? If you want to go from point A to B, shall you go walking, using a bike, car, or plane? So for example, the strategy can be around high-quality content to drive organic website traffic from social media. Or, another strategy can be content plus paid ads & promotions to reach a wider new audience. And so on.

Remember: The more time and effort you invest in building the right strategy, the more time and effort you will save in the execution!

👉🏼 Tactics

After designing the strategy, tactics can be the mechanism to implement & execute that strategy. It is the list of daily tasks that you should be working on. For example, If your strategy is around high-quality content, then here are the questions that you should answer for the tactics: What are the main topics for your content?What are the best formats you should create? Which frequency of posting you shall follow?

Remember: The most critical element in execution is to have a solid “System” in place that helps you implement your strategy in an effective way

Today’s Action Step

Go through the five points above and “write them”. Because, when you write, you will think deeper about it.

You can reply this if you want to get an easy template that can help you!

Finally, do you want to step ahead?

The “LinkedIn Influence Accelerator” is a course for founders, coaches, and communicators. It is crafted for professionals who want to create a process for consistent growth while enjoying time freedom.

Start boosting your persona brand now!

The Strategy You Need for Your Personal Brand