When building your personal brand online, remember that what happens online stays online! What do you post? Is your content helpful to your audience? Or are you just posting about yourself, your thoughts, and your actions?

Assuming you already have an attractive LinkedIn profile and a massively strong triangle of first impressions, next comes your content game! This is your tool for building a magnetic brand!

First 2 Cs: Consistent Content

Here is the main trick to make your content magnetic and attract new people: Make it the solution for a specific problem for a particular target audience! Example: I always share content about how to build your personal branding & use it to sell your digital products! That’s a specific need for a particular target audience!

Here is a valuable trick: “Content reusing & repurposing.” 

Don’t let your valuable text content get lost in the LinkedIn feed. Repurpose it into visually appealing carousels. This format catches the eye and provides a dynamic way to present your insights, increasing engagement and shareability. You can use tools like Canva, which has thousands of ready-made templates.

The result is a “Consistent flow of high-quality relevant and relatable content” for a specific target audience that you are addressing.

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Repurpose your text content into carousels!

Next 2 Cs: From Conversations To Connections

When you master your content creation process, your content will start driving engagement. People will start liking, commenting, and sharing! The algorithm will notice that and give more reach to your content. It is like a flywheel!

Here is a valuable trick: “Quick responses trigger LinkedIn’s algorithm.” 

Respond quickly to comments on your posts (especially in the first hour) and watch your reach skyrocket! The algorithm will show your content to more people outside of your network. Turn these interactions into opportunities. Reach out with personalized connection requests to those who engage with your content.  And also remember to engage with others as well!

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Responding quickly to comments boosts your reach organically.

Stay consistent with these strategies; you’re building a network and cultivating a community. And before you know it, you’ll hit your first major milestone – maybe it’s your first 10K followers. When you do, share your success story. I am excited to celebrate your growth and learn from your journey!

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