The One-Minute Guide for Building Your Personal Brand

Building a solid personal brand is all about positioning yourself as an expert in your area of expertise and creating a strategic reputation!

Why is Building a Personal Brand Important Now?

😎 Building a solid personal brand makes you stand out from the crowd.

Simply because it is the tool that helps you to position and polish yourself professionally on the right platform, building a network and unlocking opportunities, with all online platforms today, especially Linkedin, this can be easily done if you have the proper plan and system in place.

How to Build a Plan for Your Personal Brand?

📝 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Building a personal brand requires you to create strategic communication on what you want to talk about, where you want to say it or who you want to be… It’s time for a paper and pencil exercise.

Write your answers to the following questions:

  • What are you good at?
  • Why do you want to do this? (Your goals & objectives)
  • What topics do you want to discuss?
  • Which of these topics can be broken down into content pillars?
  • Where do you want to create your personal brand? Perhaps LinkedIn.
  • Who do you want to talk to? (Your audience)
  • When will you be posting, and at which frequency? (Content calendar)

How to Execute This Plan?

👨🏻‍💻 Consistent Content for Conversations.

Building your personal brand takes a lot of work, but the more you invest, the more return on investment you get. What are you supposed to do to get there?

  • Build your content plan as a monthly/weekly calendar with content pillars, key topics, timings, selected formats like visuals, videos, articles, and so on
  • Make sure what you post is high quality and super useful.
  • Focus your content on a specific target audience because if you aim to talk to everyone, you won’t talk to anyone.
  • Be consistent in how much you post. If you post once a month, don’t expect increasing engagement.
  • Reply to comments and DMs, because that’s where the magic of connections happens.
  • Always initiate conversations! Remember “connections + conversations = Conversions”

Thats it.

Plan -> Execute -> Measure -> Iterate.

Please go to Linkedin today and start implementing these steps. Feel free to drop me a DM there if you need any help. Enjoy your day!

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