5 Steps to Boost Your Personal Network During Events

I attended the Techne summit and delivered a workshop about the “Power of personal branding on Linkedin”.

But, besides being super happy to have a full house workshop, I was thrilled to make some amazing connections and networking over there.

Here is the guide you need to follow whenever you are going to any event:

1️⃣ Search for Event Speakers on LinkedIn

Use the event’s official website or social media to find a list of speakers. Look up each speaker individually on LinkedIn and connect with them.

But remember to send a connection request with a “personalized note” mentioning your excitement about attending the event and your interest in their topic or expertise.

2️⃣ Search for Relevant Event Attendees

On social media, look for attendees relevant to your interests, industry, or goals for the event. Send connection requests with personalized notes. Mention why you’d like to connect and what common interests or goals you share.

3️⃣ Check for Event Networking Tools

Explore the event’s official website or communication channels for any networking tools, platforms, or apps they recommend. Sign up or create a profile on these platforms if available. Introduce yourself, mention your anticipation for the event, and initiate discussions or join relevant groups or forums.

4️⃣ Engage with Accepted Connections

After speakers or attendees accept your connection requests, take some time to review their profiles. Engage with their recent LinkedIn posts or articles thoughtfully and helpfully. Leave meaningful comments that add value to the conversation.

5️⃣ Initiate Conversations Ahead of the Event

Once you’ve established connections and engaged with their content, initiate private conversations. Express your excitement about meeting them at the event and inquire if they have specific goals or topics to discuss. Share your thoughts or insights related to the event’s theme.

Remember, the key to successful event networking is building genuine connections and adding value to others. You can approach interactions with authenticity and a willingness to learn from and help your connections.

This will enhance your networking experience and contribute to your professional brand.

Once in the event, talk to everyone you have engaged with over Linkedin.

🎊 Congratulations, you have built an excellent professional network now! 🎊

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