The 3Ps Guide to Boost Your Side Hustle Today!

Every one of us has a certain amount of knowledge that can be turned into a digital product to benefit others. We tend to underestimate our knowledge, but no one needs 10 or 20 years of experience to share a talent, advice or service they have!

The solutions are there. The only thing usually missing is a will and commitment.

First, focus on these 3 P’s: Pattern, People, and Product.

1️⃣ Pattern

To sell, you need to understand the pattern of your user’s needs and cater to that.

👉🏼  What Are You Good at? This could be an extension of something you already do in your 9 to 5 job or something completely different.

For example, I am good at personal branding and focused on offering this service in different ways.

👉🏼  Share the Knowledge you Have on LinkedIn to attract like-minded people. Every piece of information is beneficial, so do not underestimate what you know.

For example, start by preparing a few posts on tips and tricks for successful copywriting strategies or a how-to guide on developing a brand.

👉🏼  Create Consistent Content for Conversations. You can’t do a few posts over two months and then quit. Nothing will come of that. It would be best to strategize consistently, showing up as a thought leader in a certain subject.

For example, create a monthly content calendar with pillars you want to cover and diversify how and what you create.

2️⃣ People

Out of your own list of people you know, find out who would benefit from your knowledge or service.

👉🏼  Create an Excel Sheet of Data with three tabs labeled LinkedIn, Email & Phone Contacts. Start narrowing down who from each of these contact lists might be interested in your work.

For example, reach out to trusted friends with the same interest and need to see if they like what you’re doing.

👉🏼 Going Beyond Who You know is the next step. When you start posting and notice new people engaged in your content, add them to your network.

For example, the same person who DM-ed you asking for more information is a potential client.

👉🏼  Focus on Adding Value to maintain and increase your audience. When selling digital products, the goal is not to maximize sales because this comes over time. Your focus should be on creating valuable content.

For example, you can start offering your service for free at the beginning. But it would be best if you prioritized testimonials and audience/ user feedback.

3️⃣ Product

The next step is positioning your “product” in a “sellable light.”

👉🏼  Where Can You Start? List the easiest and quickest digital products you can start with.

For example, a 10-page, well-designed guidebook or 2-3 page checklist or resource list.

👉🏼  Start Designing because people like things that look good. Go to Canva, make an account, and take a look at templates for inspiration.

For example, if you’re designing a guide, look at Canva’s templates for guides and see what elements and options suit you, and re-adapt accordingly.

👉🏼  Make it Consumable & Concise. This goal is to create downloadable content of its highest quality! While also ensuring it can be differentiated in an already existing pool of resources.

For example, if you’re designing a 10-page detailed guide, make it practical, implementable, and to the point.

👉🏼  Offer Your Product For Free in the beginning. When you gather a significant amount of testimonials, you can start charging it for money. Remember to promote what you’re selling on social media and post customer testimonials.

For example, get on Gumroad and take a look at what people are selling. They start by selling for free then create more in-depth digital products with a wide price range.

👉🏼  Diversify What You’re Selling because not everyone has the same learning method, and that way, you can also offer different prices.

For example, share short versions of your digital product on social media, create carousel presentations, test out video and audio classes or tutorials, online consultancy, etc…

This is the blueprint to starting a successful side hustle!

The more you invest, the more you will find 3 things happening:

✨ You will have a loyal tribe on social media, especially on Linkedin, Gumroad, or Udemy, depending on your location.

✨ You will get testimonials, leading to more referrals and recommendations through a snowball effect.

✨ You will find that people will eventually invest time and money for your digital product.


Finally, do you want to step ahead?

The “LinkedIn Influence Accelerator” is a course for founders, coaches, and communicators. It is crafted for professionals who want to create a process for consistent growth while enjoying time freedom.

Start boosting your persona brand now!