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The Top Skill That Will Make 2024 Different!

“Re-installing a system on continuous learning and consistent self-improvement.”

In this era of information overload, you can learn anything you want, provided that you want! The internet is flooded with good content, great experts, and excellent knowledge at our fingertips every day.

Here is What I Did:

1️⃣ I habitually listened to podcasts or audio from YouTube channels during my daily morning run.

2️⃣ I built another habit of listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and YouTube audio while driving in Cairo’s super busy streets!

3️⃣ I built another habit of reading before sleep

4️⃣ I tried to select a few good online courses and webinars to invest in!

5️⃣ Moreover, I started a circle of book-sharing with my friends, trying to push everyone I know to read more and share what they read.

Here is What I Would Highly Recommend For You in 2024:

👉🏼 Books

  1. The compound effect, by DARREN HARDY
  2. Hooked, by Nir Eyal
  3. Limitless, by Jim Kwik
  4. The Millionaire Fastlane, by MJ DeMarco
  5. Atomic Habits, by James Clear
  6. The power of habit, Charles Duhigg
  7. Side Hustle, by Chris Guillebeau
  8. $100M offers, by Alex Hormozi
  9. The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries
  10. The others in the photo above!

👉🏼 Courses

I highly recommend courses by these people. I have invested in their courses, and I guarantee you will never regret that!

  1. Seth Godin
  2. Guy Kawasaki
  3. Justin Welsh
  4. Goldie Chan
  5. Daniel Roth

👉🏼 Youtube

Great food for thought can be found on the following channels:

  1. Jim Kwik
  2. Mel Robbins
  3. Alex Hormozi
  4. Dan Koe
  5. Ship 30 for 30

🎊 Congratulations! If you got my point and are excited to try it out, I guarantee you a happy and successful new year!

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