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Linkedin Profile Essentials: The Triangle of 1st Impressions

Linkedin Profile Essentials: The Triangle of 1st Impressions

LinkedIn is the best platform to start building and growing your personal brand! Did you know that today it has 930 Million users? This means that there are 930 potential customers, partners, and opportunities! BUT at the same time, your personal brand will be competing also with that number.

To have a different, magnetic profile, you should have what I call “The triangle of first impressions!”. This triangle consists of your cover image, profile picture, and headline.

👉🏼 Your Cover Image

It is the banner at the top of your profile page. Keep in mind that It is the first and largest area that people see when they enter your world! (I mean your LinkedIn profile). How can you impress them with yourself? What is the main and first message you want about yourself that you want quickly to convey to them?
Here are a few ways to utilize this area

  • You in Action: If you would like to convey the message that you are a professional public speaker, show it! Display a catch photo of you on stage or podium.
  • Your Motto: You can also use one of the interesting templates over Canva and write your motto or slogan and using as your cover image.
  • Inspiring Quote: Like a famous phrase or quote by a legendary figure, describing the mission that you are trying to achieve through your work.
  • What Do I Offer? This is what I personally used. My promise to my visitors is: “Boosting your online identity”. The proof that I am able to do so, is that I am featured on a weekly basis on different international media for related topics.

👉🏼 Your Profile Picture

Remember that your profile photo is what appears on peoples’ timelines before they even visit your profile, so it’s your magnet here!
Here are a few effective tips:

  • Clear and High-Quality Headshot: Avoid photos that have many people or low quality where I can not see your face clearly!
  • Big (& Welcoming) Smile: This automatically breaks lots of ice for your first-time profile visitors. It also welcomes again & again regular visitors.
  • Semi-Formal Attire: Avoid Instagram/Tiktok casual style of photos & clothing. Remember, on Linkedin you are in a “professional mode”, not family & friends!
  • Clear Calm Background: Remember, the more accessible and clear people can “see” your face, the happier they will connect, engage and talk with you!

👉🏼 Finally, Your Headline

Your headline should clearly talk to your target audience. Remember it is more about “them” than “you”! So, ask yourself who is the top priority persona who I would like to talk to? How would you introduce yourself to that persona if you met him/her?
Make your unique value proposition obvious in your headline. It should clearly mention who is your target audience and which problem you are solving for them.
Let’s check some tips and examples then:

  • The Popular Formula: One of the popular formulas is: I help X to achieve Y through Z. For example, I help entrepreneurs to boost their personal brands through my consultations.
  • Always think of LinkedIn as a Search Engine: What keywords will people write in the LinkedIn search box when searching for your expertise? Use those keywords in your headline.
  • Share the Bigger Picture: How are you changing the world through small steps? Like “Empowering youth by enhancing their communication skills”.

Finally, have a look at your headline and cover image. Do they complement each other? You can write a short phrase on your cover image and mention the details in the headline. Check the triangle on my profile for a good example.

👉🏼 Today’s Action Steps

Write an answer to these three questions:

📌 Who is exactly your target audience?

📌 What is their most painful problem/challenge that you can solve for them?

📌 How can you solve that?

Then, write down your headline using this answer.
Go through the five points above and “write them”. Because when you write, you will think deeply about it.

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