How to Convert B2B Leads on LinkedIn Systematically

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How to Convert B2B Leads on LinkedIn Systematically

Lead generation on Linkedin

Today I am sharing a very simple but effective secret about LinkedIn: The system to spot and turn B2B “hot leads” into actual customers!

This area highlighted in the screenshot above is a 💰GOLDMINE💰 that no one knows about. Let me explain that in deep detail.

First, How Do You Generate Those “Hot” Leads?

It is through content!

My formula says CCC = Consistent Content for Conversations.

So, first of all, you should be sharing relevant and relatable (I call this RR) content for a specific target audience. This content should solve a specific problem for your target audience. This way, you build the positioning of your personal brand, and in return, you gain the “Trust” of your audience

Great, So What is Next?

Look again at the screenshot above. When you share useful content, your audience will engage with your content.

Here is the secret: Keep an eye on people who engage “consistently”. These are your hot leads. These are “potential customers” who come to your shop every day and keep looking at it from the outside. These people are one of two types.

If You Do Not Know Them, Invite Them In!

So if these people are not first connections, send them a connection request thanking them for their engagement with your content. Invite them to “enter” your shop rather than staring at it from the outside.

They will appreciate your focus and “personal gesture” to them! Remember: It is called “social media,” so the value is being truly social, not just a pump of daily content.

If You Know Them, Help Them!

The second option is to spot people that you already know or they are 1st connections on Linkedin. These people are your hottest leads. Send them a direct message thanking them for their engagement. Initiate a conversation to understand what they are looking for.

You can ask them why specifically your last post resonated with them. What was the problem they were trying to solve? What was the goal they were trying to achieve?

Remember: Your main goal here is to “help,” not to “sell”. The difference is huge. Because when your goal is to help, you can take the conversation further. You can move it outside of LinkedIn to a phone call or a Zoom meeting.

🎊 Congratulations, you now have a potential customer who is super excited to know about your product/service!

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