4 Steps to Generate Leads on Linkedin Effectively

The most underrated tool for lead generation on Linkedin is the “Direct Messages (DMs)”, as simple as that sounds!

Here is my four-step framework to use DMs to build “Trust” and develop it into “conversions.”

1️⃣ Watch Your “Fans”

If you frequently post on Linkedin, you will notice some people starting to engage regularly with your content.

These people are your true fans. They now “trust” your content, your knowledge, and above all, they trust “you.”

2️⃣ Show Gratitude

This might sound trivial! But, whenever I find someone engaging with my content, I thank him/her using a direct message.

I say, “Thank you, X, for engaging with my content. I hope it is useful for you”. I show gratitude and appreciation for their time to consume and engage with my content.

I mention them by name and check their profile first for any common grounds I can mention in my DM.

3️⃣ Initiate The Conversation

The obvious next step would be understanding why your content resonates with them. Ask them what are the challenges that your content is solving. What topics would they like to learn more about?

Not everyone would be equally responsive, but you should always ask.

4️⃣ De-platform Your Fans!

After having a conversation back and forth as DMs, the best thing to do next is to turn it into a WhatsApp conversation or a phone call.

This way, you move your fans from being on Linkedin to being in direct contact with you.

On the call, it all depends on how you will add value to them. Accordingly, they are happy to discuss their needs with you and buy your services or products. Here you go! Deal closed!

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