New LinkedIn Update: Great Results on Your Feed!

What Happened on Linkedin Last Month?

I am sure everyone noticed last month the changes in your LinkedIn engagement (same, me too). And yes, LinkedIn is currently changing its algorithm!

Inevitably, this has altered the distribution of posts, what we see and don’t see.

Here’s what LinkedIn experts have reported:

1️⃣ We’re seeing more content from people and pages you actively engage with.

2️⃣ There is a bigger focus on hashtag engagement.

3️⃣ They are reducing notifications for certain actions.

4️⃣ There is an increase in the reach of posts over time.

So, What Does That Mean?

LinkedIn factors in more engagement signals. This includes how users interact with hashtags, who they engage within the app, and what they interact with in terms of individual posts.

👉🏻 So LinkedIn’s new algorithm now presents a balance of people that users know directly and the topics of most relevance to them right now.

👉🏻 Users are likely to see posts from smaller groups of people and on more focused topics, as that’s what they are likely to engage with most.

👉🏻That way, we shape the app by sending more signals to the algorithm about our interests. This will help LinkedIn to predict likely engagement better.

👉🏻 Simply put, your LinkedIn feed is becoming more tailored and customized to your interests. While we may be used to engaging more with friends, former colleagues, and even family members, but what’s happening now is that the platform is trying to expose you to a more niche audience based on what interests you.

👉🏻 Let’s say it’s gotten a lot cozier. This could also mean that you end up seeing a lot of the same people and pages. But the solution to this is to engage more because your interaction will help signal to LinkedIn what discussions you want to be a part of.

Here is What You Need to Know!

According to Social Media Today, LinkedIn reported “record engagement” yet again, almost regularly since 2018.

Of course, algorithm changes can be frustrating for content creators to deal with! But at the end of the day, it is the platform working to customize a better feed for us.

Here are some tips:

✅ Engage with comments, direct messages and people sharing your posts as fast as possible.

✅ More personal stories and raw content to build authentic connections.

✅ Decrease text in captions for shorter reading time.

✅ Don’t over-post and don’t under-post. Instead, show up regularly with high-quality content.

✅ Use relevant hashtags to ensure that your content is searchable.

✅ Post at the right time. When is your audience active?

✅ Track your insights and engagement and work around what it tells you.

That is all for today, but I am super curious to get your feedback how far have you noticed these updates, and how does it affect you on Linkedin?

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