How to Boost Your Business Using Your Linkedin Profile!

LinkedIn is not only a social network for professionals; it is a gold mine for business growth! The more you are focused and active on Linkedin, the more you can “create” opportunities for yourself and your business.

Here is a powerful tool you should leverage the most: the “Featured section on your profile”! 

To leverage LinkedIn’s potential the most, you should go through your profile and ensure the “Creator mode is enabled.” It is under the resources section. When you do you unlock several exciting features, with the featured section being a standout. This section, prominently placed just below your profile’s ‘triangle of first impressions,’ is your virtual storefront, showcasing your expertise and offerings directly to profile visitors.

What is LinkedIn’s Featured Section Anyway?

It’s a customizable area on your profile where you can highlight significant posts, articles, external links, or media such as photos and PDFs. On desktops, the first three slots are visible, while on mobile, only the first slot shows up immediately.

The featured section on my Linkedin profile

Fabulous, What Does This Have to do With Business?

This section is just placed below your triangle of first impressions. This means if your profile visitors liked and admired your cover image, headline, and profile picture, you got their attention. Now, they understand that your profile provides a specific solution for their problem. They know that you have the experience to help them.

The next obvious step is to provide them with your solution! It can be a digital product, like a guide or course. It can be a service. It can be whatever!

The whole point is to show what you can offer them clearly in your featured section!

Remember, Sales is all About Psychology!

As you can see in my image above, the order of those slots plays a critical role in sales. Here are some important tips:

1️⃣ The first slot: It should be a free option; it’s the hook. For me, it is a subscription to this newsletter.

2️⃣ Second slot: This is a higher value, higher price option. For me, it is my paid online course.

3️⃣ The third slot is the high ticket, super high-value premium offering! For me, it is the one-to-one consultancy for turning your LinkedIn profile into a sales funnel.

Now that you know what to feature, here’s how to make each slot count:

👉🏼 Think strategically: If you have impressed your profile visitor, this is the next big step to help him/her through a service/product.

👉🏼 Don’t sell, but help: Talk to your audience to address their needs, not about your product/service and the power of its features!

👉🏼 Tailor Your Content: Align each slot’s content with your business goals. Whether it’s a digital product, a service, or a personal brand story, ensure it resonates with your target audience.

👉🏼 Update Regularly: Keep your featured section fresh and relevant. Regular updates signal to visitors that you’re active and engaged in your field.

Remember, the featured section on LinkedIn is more than just a digital display; it’s a strategic tool for your personal branding and business growth. Understanding and optimizing this space can significantly increase your visibility and appeal to potential clients. I encourage you to revisit your LinkedIn featured section today. Think about how you can rearrange or update your content to reflect your professional offerings better.

Finally, do you want to step ahead?

The “LinkedIn Influence Accelerator” is a course for founders, coaches, and communicators. It is crafted for professionals who want to create a process for consistent growth while enjoying time freedom.

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